Editor’s Note

Making History

Business education at Johns Hopkins University has a deeper history than many probably know.

JHU began offering business courses on a part-time basis in 1916. These were followed over the decades by master of science degrees in various business disciplines and, at century’s end, an MBA.

Six years into the new millennium, the William Polk Carey gift established the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School as an institution of both full- and part-time programs, and one that would aim through its pedagogy and research to join the nation’s leading B-schools.

Looking back to the December 4, 2006, announcement of the Carey gift, we at Carey Business magazine thought this would be an opportune time to reflect on the school’s recent run of successes. As Dean Ferrari states on the opposite page, the record to date should be a source of pride for everyone connected to Carey.

Toward that end, we’ve created this special edition of Carey Business recounting some high points of the Carey era. Our features space has been reserved here for an 18-page spread on the “Rapid Growth” theme. We focused on four areas indicative of the school’s growth – local, national, and international reach; faculty and research; students; and collaborations between Carey and Johns Hopkins personnel.

Certainly the story doesn’t end here. The record suggests a narrative that will only grow richer.


A regular item of this magazine is the Kudos page in the “Other Business” section, recognizing the accomplishments of Carey leadership and faculty members.

This time around, I’d like to add kudos for some people behind the scenes at Carey Business – the team at Skelton Design in Towson, Maryland. In addition to Carey Business, the firm also designs Changing Business, the Carey magazine about faculty research.

Last summer Skelton received an Award of Excellence from the University and College Designers Association for the art direction and design of the fall 2015 inaugural issue of Carey Business (which, you may recall, was transformed from the former ONE magazine). Artwork from Carey Business was displayed in September at the UCDA Design Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

– PE