Peripatetic Path to Achievement

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Youpeng FuYoupeng Fu (MBA ’12) has lived in the United States, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and China in the four short years since he earned his Global MBA as part of the program’s charter class.

Fu is based in Shanghai, where he works as head of media solutions for Longbow Big Data, a joint venture between China’s leading mobile data company, GeTui; and the world’s leading communication services group, WPP.

His peripatetic path to Longbow Big Data began right out of business school, when he was hired by Videology, a U.S.-based Internet technology company that provides market insights for television and video marketers. His main responsibility was to establish Videology offices in various Asian-Pacific markets.

Fu says that differences in Internet access between China and the U.S. complicated his work, but that his experiences at Carey were vital in preparing him to face these challenges.

“If we came to China with the mentality that our technology is the best and tried to follow guidelines and experiences from other markets, it wouldn’t work,” he says. “Chinese clients believe China is different, so you need to take the time to think about how to integrate yourself into the local business environment.”

“Being at Carey and working with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds really enabled me to engage with the local market pretty quickly,” he says. “[At Carey] I had classmates from different parts of the globe, and each one has a different culture and work experience.”

He added that the Global MBA’s Innovation for Humanity course, in which students serve as business consultants to organizations in developing countries, helped hone his empathy and cultural understanding – vital for his current work.

“Teaching business with humanity in mind really should answer: How are we going to make business more sustainable as opposed to short-term profits? How are you going to respect your counterpart and people with a different knowledge and background? For me, it means you need to be humble and willing to understand others’ position.”

—Luke Lavoie

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