Class Notes: 1980s

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Rhonda (Heard) Alexander (Master of Administrative Science ’80) is the founder and chief executive officer of New Opportunities for Women, a comprehensive 501c3 public charity, human services, and navigational health care organization launched in 2016 and focusing on reducing health disparities, AIDS testing, and prevention. Human services include business start-up coaching, grant writing, GED prep, special education advocacy, and family services. It is an organization providing a wide range of health and social services to meet the diverse needs of adolescents, families, and members of the LGBTQ communities in Maryland.

Syed Sajid Husain (Master of Administrative Science ’80) is the director of nuclear medicine at the Buffalo Heart Group in Buffalo, New York. He is a coauthor of the book Nuclear Cardiac Imaging: Terminology and Technical Aspects, published by the Society of Nuclear Medicine. He has served on several academic appointments and administrative positions over the past 32 years of his professional career, and he has presented papers at national and international conferences and given numerous grand rounds on nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiac imaging.

Alla P. Gakuba (Master of Administrative Science ’82) is an author in Walnut Creek, California, who has published three nonfiction books.

Abby Vega (Master of Administrative Science ’87) is a writer and motivational speaker in Florida. After more than 30 years working in sales and marketing for top companies, she decided on a major career shift and became the owner and driver of a sno-cone truck. Her journey to happiness and a sense of purpose, as well as $100,000 in revenue in six months, is described in her recent book Sno-Cone Diaries: A Sweet Route to Happiness.

Scott Hollis (Master of Administrative Science ’88) retired to a farm in the mountains of eastern Tennessee in 2010. Previously he was an executive with Marriott Corp. and Avendra LLC, and a director of the American Hotel Register Corp.

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