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“MBA in government: Masters of mandarin,” April 11, 2016. The “Which MBA?” feature of The Economist looks at the MBA/MA in Government dual-degree program offered by the Carey Business School and the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.


“So verwandeln Sie Frust in Kreativität,” May 9, 2016. Assistant Professor Sharon Kim’s research on creativity is cited in this piece for a German career-advice website.


“On Point,” June 2016. In this feature, Assistant Professor Haiyang Yang comments on how Baltimore-based Under Armour and other top manufacturers of sports apparel recruit athletes to endorse their brands.


“A method for measuring the ‘cool factor’ of commercial products,” June 20, 2016. The university’s news website examines Assistant Professor Ruxian Wang’s paper about a computational model that measures consumer choices in terms not only of price and usefulness but also of the value derived from a product’s popularity within a large community of users.


“Hope and the Impulse to Spend,” June 21, 2016. Cited
in the magazine of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, research co-authored by Associate Professor Hyeongmin “Christian” Kim finds that belief in the prospect of upward economic mobility can limit impulse spending among materialistic consumers.


“MBA-toting evangelist for ‘art thinking’ at work,” July 3, 2016. The MBA/MA in Design Leadership offered by the Carey School and the Maryland Institute College of Art, the subject of much media attention since its inception in 2012, is cited as a program that blends the disciplines of design with business training.


“Without Matching Bone Marrow Donors, 3,000 Americans Die Each Year – This Movie Wants to Change That,” August 31, 2016. This piece on the controversy over compensation for bone marrow donation refers to Associate Professor Mario Macis’s research on economic incentives for blood donation.


“What does gut instinct have to do with being a successful trader?,” September 21, 2016. On the CBC’s popular radio show The Current, Assistant Professor Shabnam Mousavi offers insights from her research on intuition as an important tool in decision making.

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